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If you love creating and want to share this time on your own, with friends, or with your own family group, without a teacher and with the freedom to explore different shapes or figures, this is a great opportunity to build those crazy beautiful pieces.


It is advised to have previous experience with clay. If no one in your group has experience working with clay, we suggest to take a private workshop to teach you the basics.


We offer studio time, clay, paint and many other materials available in the studio that you may need. After the pieces finish drying correctly, we will do the bisque and glaze firings. Remember this is not a class so no teacher is provided. You will be the responsible adult supervising your children or group.


Please keep in mind that this is a pottery studio and delicate pieces made by the studio members are stocked all around the studio. We can provide ideas to start your creation! What would it be?, a bowl, a figure of your pet, a funny monster, the handprints of your baby' Just surprise us!


Duration: 1.5 hours



* Child or Adult = $45 + taxes (Recommended for children 6 years +

All children must be supervised by an adult at all times.


* 4 participants: $165 + taxes (1 piece each)

* Additional participants : $40 + taxes



*500grm of clay. You are allowed to produce 1 piece with this clay.

* Studio's underglazes (paint).

*We will take care of your pieces through the bisque and glaze firings.



1st Additional piece: $25 (using the remaining clay). Any additional piece after, $25+taxes, using the remianing clay.

Additional 30 min or fraction of studio time: $20 per person or group.



* If you are planning an event of 8 or more participants, please talk to us to reserve your time before coming to the studio: Email at or by phone at 514-660-6809. We are opened at this location (Promenades Saint Bruno) all the days of the week.


* I understand that arrival/starting time needs to be 1.5 hours before closing hours.

** Please leave the space clean for the people after your group. Thank you! (Tools, table and floor).

*** Pieces will take 1 month and à half to be ready to be picked up. We will let you know by email.

**** We will store your pieces for 1 month after you have received an email saying they are ready for pick up. Additional charges will apply for storage after 1 month.

***** Wheelthrowing not included.

Play With Clay - Family Studio Time

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    All "Open Studio" services are eligible for a refund and a 20% administration fee will be charged for the refund.



    Toutes les  "Open Studio" services sont admissibles à un remboursement et des frais d'administration de 20% seront facturés pour le remboursement.

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