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Not sure how much time per month you have to do pottery at the studio but you still want to to a few hours every month? Think about this option!


Join our studio, make it your special place, have fun, and build the things that you love!




  • Shared shelf space for 2 pieces: When your 2 pieces have dried and are ready for the bisque firing, you may put them in the bisque shelf. Your shared shelf space for 2 new pieces will be available. 


  • You can use the clay bought at our studio to work from your home.  Bring your pieces to get them fired and as a member pay for what you are getting fired. Other conditions will apply.


  • Regular sized pieces are less than 5 " (12 cm high or wide). We will try to fire as many pieces as we can, giving all our members an equal chance to get their pieces cooked taking into consideration, shape, size and quantity.


  • You have 6 hours of Open Studio time during the month.



** You can pay for 1 month or 3 months. If three, the three months must be consecutive.


*** With 3 consecutive months, you get automatic membership renewals and save $. 


**** All members must demonstrate a basic knowledge of the glazing process and the risks associated with improper use of clays, glazes or other products that may affect the piece of pottery, or the kiln during firings. We fire the pottery pieces, but each member is responsible for what may happen during the firing processes. 


Membership - Flex 6 hours

  • If you have no experience with clay we recommend that you take at least one beginner class (4 weeks) before working on your own in the studio. 

    Firing Process: If you have experience with clay, the pottery wheel and other pottery technique but you don't know the risks associated with the firing processes, such as temperature risks, glazing risks and others, it is mandatory to take an introductory theory class at our studio.

    This membership includes:

    • Shared shelving space. (Limited to 2 pieces at the same time).

    • Access to the studio facilities during Open Studio time.  Please note that the wheels may not be available when there is a class going on. Check the studio calendar for class schedules.



    Membership fees are not refundable nor transferable.


  • (French Follows)

    IMPORTANT: If you pay for a course and the course has to be cancelled by Tour Potier Studio Céramique, we will return 100% of your pay. In addition to this, we will offer you a 10% discount over any course available, to be taken in the next two month after the cancellation.


    Memberships: Membership fees are not refundable nor transferable.

    For additional information please read our politics:



    IMPORTANT: Si vous payez un cours et qu'il doit être annulé par Tour Potier Studio Céramique, nous vous rembourserons 100% du montant. En plus de cela, nous vous offrirons un rabais de 10% sur un de nos cours disponibles, à prendre dans les deux prochains mois après l'annulation.


    Abonnements: Les frais d'adhésion ne sont ni remboursables ni transférables.

    Pour plus d'informations, veuillez lire notre politique:

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