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We are a great option in Montreal's South Shore to get your pottery pieces fired in our kiln! 


Please contact us before doing your payment.

Phone +1 (514) 660 6809 or email:


Bisque Firings:  


  • Half Kiln is $50 (Non members)
  • Full kiln is $80. (Non members)



    Glaze Firings: 


    • Half Kiln is $60 (Non members)
    • Full kiln is $95. (Non members)


    • Price may increase depending on the amount and weight of the pieces needed to be loaded into the kiln.
    • Once the pieces have been fired, we will store your products for free, 5 working days.
    • We may use tiles or stilts to reduce the damaging impact on ceramic pieces from running glazes. Even if we use them and your piece over-runs damaging kiln shelves or other pieces, the responsibility falls over the owner of the piece. It is the customer's responsibility to indicate which piece(s) require a tile. Any damage due to dripping glaze will be billed according to the items affected.
    • Cone: We are a Cone 6 studio.  We need to know the Cone of your clay and glazes.

    Kiln Rental

    SKU: KR001
    • Bisque: Full kiln: Maximum of 70 pieces if they fit in the space.
      Glaze: Full kiln: Maximum of 45 if they fit in the space.

      Bisque: Half kiln: Maximum of 35 if they fit in the space.
      Glaze: Half kiln: Maximum of 25 if they fit in the space.

      - Additional pieces (Non members) ** Other conditionals apply.

      Pieces (Taille / Size: 0" à 5" (0 to 12.7cm) is: $7.5+ taxes.
      Pieces Taille / Size: 5" à 8" (12.8cm to 20.5cm) $12.5 + taxes.
      Échasses par pièce / Stilts per piece: $2.5 + taxes

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