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A very versatile glaze that can be used in any decorative way imaginable. They can be applied to wet clay, earthenware bisque, stoneware or porcelain and fired in oxidation or reduction, from cone 06 to cone 6, and certain colors up to cone 10, (requires test firing). 


A heavily pigmented, viscous glaze line that can be used for brush strokes or opaque coverage. Use these glazes to create intricate, detailed designs and butt up to one another without colors moving. When used in a majolica process, These glazes will not move nor blend with the colors beneath. These color glazes are intermixable, allowing artists to create custom shades. Thin with water or media to create a “wash” or watercolor style of design. Because the liquid color is consistent with the fired color, artists will have no trouble visualizing finished results as they create.




First Image: Cone 06 (fired flat, in oxidation, on white earthenware body)
Dinnerware Safe: Yes (If covered with a dinnerware safe glaze)


Second Image: Cone 6 (fired flat, in oxidation, on white stoneware body)
Dinnerware Safe: Yes




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    SP245 - My Blue Heaven

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