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Fun opportunity to paint a pottery piece and put your creative touch into your design. It is true that inspiration strikes when you visit our studio !


How it works:


* When you arrive to our studio, choose a ceramic piece you like, buy it, and paint it!


At Tour Potier Studio Céramique we have beautiful ready to paint ceramic pieces waiting for you. After you finish decorating them, we will make sure your pieces are glazed so that they can be food safe.


Details of your ceramic painting experience :


This is not a class so no teacher is provided. However, our studio staff will be happy to guide you and offer you support when needed. You will be the responsible adult supervising your children or group.


In our pottery studio, delicate pieces made by artists and studio members are stocked all around the studio. Get the inspiration you need.

Duration: 1.5 hours





* Child or Adult = $15 + taxes for your time at the studio, colors and firing process.

+ Cost $ of the piece you select to paint.


All children must be supervised by an adult at all times.


* A parent or an adult is authorized to help their children and pay only one time the studio cost if only one piece has been purchased.


* A ceramic piece can be painted by 2 people, so a single studio fee will be billed.



Why visit our studio ?


We are located in a wonderful place (Section Marché at the Mall, Promenades Saint Bruno), surrounded by great restaurants, coffees shops, and many other unique businesses worth visiting.


* If you are planning an event of 8 or more participants, please talk to us to reserve your time before coming to the studio: Email at or by phone at 514-660-6809. We are opened at this location (Promenades Saint Bruno) all the days of the week.


* I understand that arrival/starting time needs to be 1 hour before closing hours.

** Please leave the space clean for the people after your group. Thank you! (Tools, table and floor).

*** Pieces will take 2 to 3 weeks to be ready to be picked up. We will let you know by email.

Bisque / My Ceramic Painting

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